Thursday: “Baseline”

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When I arrived Bryggen Henrik was having his famous Kettlebell class. It’s a cool class. Old school movements that gives you maximum bang for your buck, and some technique training over time.

The strength part today was The Squat. It would take hundreds of pages to discuss this movement. It’s “The king of all exercises” Strength training dates back to 3600 BC , but the barbell and the squat as we know it today is fairly new. Maybe 100-150 years old. The evolution of the squat has led to many athletes breaking world records in speed, jumping ability and other feats. Not to mention fitness and bodybuilding.

Baseline is a very famous workout. Mostly because CrossFit HQ got sued by a man that got sick from doing it. In stead of settling out of court CrossFit wanted to take a stand. It must be a minimum for what a “normal person” should be able to do.


“On Sept. 24, 2012, plaintiff Adam Gottlieb, 30, an engineer, and a friend worked out with a trainer at P3 CrossFit, a gym in Houston that provides workouts and trainers licensed by CrossFit Inc. Such gyms are called CrossFit “affiliates.” The trainer had Gottlieb and his friend attempt to complete, as quickly as possible and without resting, 500 meters on the rowing machine, 40 air squats, 30 sit-ups, 20 pushups and 10 pullups. Gottlieb’s friend completed the workout in just less than 10 minutes, but Gottlieb went outside and threw up three-quarters of the way through the workout. He then finished the workout, with a total time of 16 minutes. For the rest of the day he felt sore and sick and he continued to throw up. That night, his wife took him to an urgent care clinic, which sent him to the hospital, where he was admitted and treated for dehydration. Within two days, he had developed rhabdomyolysis, a potentially fatal disease characterized by destruction of muscle tissue. Gottlieb sued CrossFit Inc. for negligence and sued McPherson Standard LLC, operating as P3 CrossFit, for negligence; gross negligence; and violations of the Deceptive Trade Practices Act, including breach of warranty. Gottlieb’s attorneys argued that Gottlieb, as a former athlete in “decent shape,” was clearly susceptible to rhabdomyolysis resulting from the workout, and that the defendants failed to warn him.

Luckily for the training world , Gottlieb lost 😂

If your lawyer argues that you are “in decent shape” doing “Baseline” in 16 minutes. Get a new one. And seriously reconsider everything you think you know about training and life in general.

The comp gang did comp stuff 💪🏻

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