Thursday: Alternating EMOM

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For most of the people doing the Open, today was a rest day.

So I planned a light EMOM to the one here in order to have a nice sweat but no soreness.

In the morning we had our youngest members in visit doing some arm wrestling and stretching in the barbell room


We can like the Open or not but it helps us getting better.

For instance I was judging Dimitri on 19.1 and gave him a lot of no reps on the wall balls.

It broke my heart … but now every time I see him in the gym he spend some time practicing this movement.

Next year he will be ready!

Burpees to target or “non cheating burpees” at the program today.

Tabata V-Ups & Tuck Crunch to build a strong core in the warm up.

And the school came again.


Jørn gave me the name of the workout 😃

No score today and… more babies pictures.


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