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This morning I made them run between obstacles during the warm up.

Something that Gabor could have made. He is the specialist for fun warm up and Double Unders. Have you seen him practicing? He is looking at you behind his glasses like a shrink “hum hum and how does it make you feel like? hum hum”. This guy is zen, has a small smile, doesn’t sweat at all and his feet seem to never touch the floor. He probably only stops when he needs to pee. A fucking Hungarian fakir I’m telling you.

So I made them run and in return I had “it was so funny we should do this as an entire wod!”. #Kids

Then I cleaned the gym.

Even the room of the Comp Gang. You know the cool kids & the older guy (probably the dad of one of them). The ones you want to play with but they might ask you “can you do 10 ring muscle up unbroken?” or “can you bench press twice your body weight?”. Of course you can’t! And you go back playing alone in the big room, pretending that nothing happened. #Loser

This is me cleaning.

I look happy.

And their room was really dirty, like real shit, like they use chalk for the bikes, the GHD and to do burpees. It was so dirty that I wanted to call the specialist to help me out. You know that old man 👴🏻 who hangs around sometimes.

He looks happy.

I know in Norway you can pretty much decide to retire when you’re dead or a couple of days before. It’s a bit like in America right, like you have to “serve”, to make your country great again this kind of stuff. But I’m asking you: will this help you to Snatch 100 kg? I’m not really good in maths but I know for a fact that dogs don’t make cats. #WhatDidHeJustSay

The wod today was The Chief which is 5 AMRAP of 3 minutes with 1 minute break in between. 3 Power Cleans 61/43, 6 Push Ups and 9 Air Squat. The goal was written on the board : CON-SIS-TEN-SY.

Johanne was impressive this morning with a 5 rounds minimum per AMRAP.

She looks happy.

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