Sunday: “Sneak-training”

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Sneak-training is the best training. It might not work better, but it surprises the enemy 😜

It’s an old joke or saying, whatever you wanna call it, that my father used when I was a kid. Sometimes he did things differently than normal. When asked why he always said : “To fool the enemy” 😂

Nobody can really say who is in “the comp gang”. The lines are blurry. I think maybe some of them are in this picture sneak-stretching🧐

Some don’t need ROM-WOD. It happens automatically while taking a nap between sets 😆

Me and Henke flipped the tire 70 times. Super-sneaky stuff 👏🏻👏🏻

“The lifting gang” was lifting when I left. Nobody knows who they are either. It depends how you look at it🤫

Mikus is not part of any gang. He is a one man band. A speedway driver with one gear. He thinks he probably had Rabdo two times. “It’s not a problem. I pee Cola, take a Paracetamol and go to work” 😳

Here he is rowing with a broken arm. It does not seem to slow him down either 😅

Flere innlegg