Saturday : Hønefoss

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Exceptionally I was in charge today so we went back to my cities programming 😝

Bring A Friend is great for the atmosphere.

Like many TGI FRIDAYS members coming at 10 with Kari and also her daughter Sofie.

I was a bit afraid that there would be too much rest in between rounds but you always impress me by how fast and strong you guys are!

Many new faces too.

But please remember to ask your friends to book so we don’t end up having logistic problems.

The more we are the better the trainers can organize the workouts, even modify them.

Easy and lighter movements today than yesterday which was pretty tough!

For those who like numbers : AMRAP 19:30 because a lot of 3 and 9 reps and 39/2=19,50.

The board :

Today I wanted to have a focus on one of our members : meet Synne.

Synne is with us for 3 years now but says that the last 6 months are the best.

  • Why are you doing CrossFit and not training in a regular gym?
  • Because of the community! Before coming here I never trained. And then here I saw everyone cheering at each other’s. When I started I couldn’t do anything! Working out with a broom stick was already heavy! But I got stronger. I really like how we use the entire body in all the different movements.
  • What’s the movement you don’t like?
  • I hated Overhead Squat. When I started I remember going to the board and if it was there I wanted to cry and go away.
  • Do you still hate it?
  • No, in fact, I don’t anymore!
  • What’s your favorite movement then?
  • Sit ups! (she laughs) I don’t know why!


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