Saturday: Course for beginners !

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This is the time of year when everything happens. First and foremost the students are coming 🤗

The 30 members that left us and Bergen in June are now being replaced by new faces. Soooo … I have to do my “Nybegynner-kurs” I love it and hate it. It’s so much to learn, practice and talk about, but not enough time. I’m doing my best.

The most important thing is that they walked in the door and said: ” Yes I’ll do it. Sign me up for the journey ”

We also had “Bring a friend” We always have BAF 🙂

Marcus is nice helping the girls with their Olympic Weightlifting.

We are going to have a new course soon. Looks like all of them signed up their new life at Crossfit Bryggen. It’s gonna be fun !

Monday’s workout is a good wod for anybody. For a beginner it might be their first 👻

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