Saturday : Bring A Friend & Olympic Weightlifting

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“Are we running today?! But it’s (almost) snowing!”.

Well to me the weather is just great … because there is no rain!

Also you guys are proud Norwegian for at least 9/10 persons here.

Remember when you went to conquer the world, loot monasteries and rape our girls, coming in your long wooden ships?

You weren’t thinking then “damn it the weather is crap let’s postpone our journey”. 🌨🚣‍♀️

Bring a Friend has some standards starting by being a team workout and being as fun as possible.

So there were many games in the warm up.

Also the workout has to be light which is great in this period of the year with the Open.

We have to recover from the 18.1 that was for some a difficult one.

Some others decided to come to practice their technic in weightlifting with Robin in a chill atmosphere.

Far from the excitement of yesterday. Serious time!

With Jokkis we did some RomWod stretches.

  • Do you feel it in the ass?
  • Yeah big time!

That was tough.

I kept the main board for the 18.1 Open so people can compete and write down their results.

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