Saturday : Bring A Friend, Olympic Weightlifting & Comp Class

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It feels great to be at CF Bryggen Saturday.

You can’t start the weekend a better way. Maybe if you did … let me think … no not possible. That’s the best way.

At 10 we have the first of our three Bring A Friend.

So Roland prepares everything nicely for that. I love looking at him how he is so dedicated to CrossFit Bryggen. It’s great having him here.

Bring A Friend is our most popular class. It’s a good introduction for new comers, a “light” workout but a good sweat for our experimented members.

Today I met new faces and chat with them. Then I joined a workout because the class had an odd number as Saturday is always in Team.

Mia & Oda fought to have me as teammate. Oda won and Mia said “next time you’re mine!”. 😃

Elisabeth didn’t say anything but I know deep in her heart that she wanted me the most. She has “an artichoke heart” that’s what we say in French. ❤️ #SoMuchLoveInThisGym

At the Olympic Weightlifting class Robin is like a shepherd watching at his herd. Gard said it was “heavy” but that’s another step closer to greatness.

Then at 13 we had the last Comp Class before the Open. The class will come back after this amazing period.

It was like a private class with a long warmup as Gabor likes to have.

It was a really cool workout. Nothing heavy and pure conditioning.

Yeah nothing can go wrong here. You should come and try.

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