Saturday: “Bring a friend for free”

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Most crossfit owners are really poor business people. We are interested in training , but don’t know how to run a company. Neither are we very keen to find out. I have tried reading about it many times , but I find it unbelievably boring.

Some weeks ago I read: “Don’t give people discounts, then they don’t wanna pay full price ever. Give them something for free. They love for free. If they like it , they will pay.

Okeyyyyy … Bring a friend for free then. And it worked!!! 😂😂😂 Lots Of new faces today.

You try to help your friend understand the wall balls. And he sais : “Yes I got it ”

Then you step back to see your coaching skills put in to action only to see …… No , he did not understand it at all 😂😂😂😂

A former Bryggen member came to see us today. She is the only person I have ever truly believed could make it to the games. She worked out just for fun never practicing anything on the side. Still she was almost unbeatable. BUT , she does not care for the games. She does not like to compete at all. That’s great !!!! Who the hell said that just because you have a beautiful voice, you have to spend your life as a singer ? (Some American probably. “Be all you can be” “Your talent is a gift from good” … bla bla bla )

Here she is: The talented Jeanette Harder Falck, that does not give a shit 😎

After Bring a friend Gabor had his “Comp class” It was great. I’m not a great crossfit talent , but I joined the class anyways. As you all know I’m trying to win the “Butt of the year” award this Christmas, so I stay close to Dush as often as possible 🤓

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