Saturday : Bring A Friend & Competitors Class

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We love Saturday at the pier.

Lot of people come for a cool workout and some actually bring someone who never tried CrossFit before. Mia and Sofie had their first ever Crossfit class together, and they did awesome!

Generally our new members are really keen on sharing their first steps experience with their friends.

They are our “ambassadors” in a sort.

So for us, trainers it’s great being there to answer their questions before/after the workout, share a cup of coffee later and explain about our passion, how it fits to everyone.

TGI Friday’s was well represented in our classes and the new comers did pretty well.

Of course when you team up with Mikus your heart should be well attached in your body (so we say in French)!

Piotr has the words to convince Stan to come a second time and he was working RX! Well done Stan!

Then at the Competitors Class, Gabor made people practice specific movements in order to be “more” ready for the Open.

Gabor is a great trainer, very precise in what he does, calm and everything looks always in control with him.

He will have another Mobility Class session next Tuesday. This will be very popular I’m sure. If you want to attend be fast on the booking!

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