Saturday : Bring A Friend, Comp Class & Nybegynnerkurs

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Busy day at CF Bryggen today! Busy but great atmosphere as usual.

We started the day at 10 for our 3 sessions of Bring A Friend.

Synne was shinning today. She looks younger and in way better shape said Roland to me and I cannot disagree.

For some people it was the occasion to try for the first time CrossFit like my friend Fabiola. And it became easier for her because she met a Brazilian compatriot, Gabriella, who helped her to understand the movements and share the exercises. Five minutes of speaking Portuguese and there were already friends! That was great. Hope to see you again.

Tim & Camilla teaming up. One of our CrossFit couples. ❤️

Then we had the Beginners course at 13:00. Three hours of explanations of what is CrossFit, showing them a little bit of everything we do and make them practice too.

They are probably confused by all the different names and movements but it will come soon. Everybody starts somewhere.

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