Saturday : Bring A Friend

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Saturday in CrossFit Bryggen temple we have our biggest celebration.

And Gabor was the man in charge.

Of course as you know him, he had something a bit challenging as Toes to Bar in the workout… and a crazy warm up!

At first he asked all of the classes to take their shoes off and move their feet free. #GoingBackToTheNature

To which someone said she couldn’t remove her shoe because she had some injury 😂

Then there was a declination of wall ball – burpee – throw – loud music 🎶

Looked funny from the barbell room.

In the barbell room there was Weightlifting with Robin.

When the music started for BAF, Robin said “look at these crazy crossfiters playing so loud, it’s like a night club” 😂

Yes because in the Weightlifting Class we are working seriously.

And it started by warming up with lots of overhead squat jumps and walks to get used to the sitting position under the bar.

That was very instructive and great to attend.

Also we weren’t a lot so we could get a lot of feedback.

Then Gabor had the Comp Class with a Triple 3 : 3000m Row, 300 DU & 3Mi Run.

Of course Mikus exploded the wod and showed that on this event he could compete with the Regional monsters.

Outside the weather was awesome so some people were practicing some CrossFit Prison Break stuff like Henke and Henriette who made the drivers went mad as to wait for them to finish pulling the sled back to the entrance of the box.

Henke : “look at them they can’t wait 1 minute god damnit!” 😂

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