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Some days are better than others. That goes for everybody I guess. You wake up and look okey in the mirror. The t shirt you like so much make you feel even better, and the weather is great. A good start like that will usually do the trick for most. 😀

(The fact that you are among the 1% luckiest in the world being born in Norway and stuff like that, is just something you take for granted, so that never helps.) 😳

Anyways ….. My day was not exactly like that, but close. So I went down to Bryggen early to see the king of “Bring a friend” in action. He had made a “suicide-sprint” out of the markings from 18.4 It was fun. Nobody died 😜

Emilie Vu wrote me on messenger the other day. She wanted to join a class on Saturday. Being one of the original CF Bryggen members , she misses Bryggen a bit. We teamed up for old times sake. Magnus needed a friend since Hilde left him for another go at “The Open” Me and Vu mirrored Magnus , and did the whole wod synchronized. It was great. It’s a great day 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Roland went to roll some fish, so then the floor was mine. Every coach has his own style, so my classes are not like Roland’s. The workouts are the same, but that’s it.

I’m a talker. I like to tell everybody why we do stuff , and make “pictures” or associations in our heads, that helps with the movement. If ,on top of that, I know the story behind the exercise…. well then I have to mention that to 😂😂For me it’s great fun. Most of the stuff I say , is stolen from famous coaches, but sometimes I hear my self say things that makes absolutely no sense, whilst people are walking around being ducks or whatever.

This blog was mostly about me.

That’s great also 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😀

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