Saturday : Bring a friend

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We have had “Bring a friend” every Saturday for years and years now. In many ways it’s our longest running success.

Most of the time it’s not that many friends involved. It’s more like a fun day for all of us. Today was different. Lots of friends experienced “Bryggen” for the first time, and it looked like they enjoyed it. Let’s hope they become members.

– Thierry explained the wod, but nobody cared to listen 🙂 The warm up was a bit cold. Oda and Atle’s friend did not complain. Beginners usually don’t 🙂

Ida and Lise moved back to the “kaffekrok” Snorre had one of his mysterious beginners courses. That’s when he forces innocent people to listen to whatever ideas he has about fitness at the moment. For hours and hours.

Flere innlegg