Saturday : Powerlifting

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Crossfit Bryggen has its own Powerlifting club. We started it for everybody who wants to test their strength officially. It’s fun, and scary🙈

Oda and Anita decided to check it out 😀 Monica helped them sign up , and get ready for the competition.

I’ll make this like a cartoon 😂😂😂

“Ehhhh … Ka gjør vi no då ? ”

“Eg vet ikje eg. Ta på beltet ?”

Then it’s your turn. It’s not fun anymore. The weight you picked for the first lift don’t seem so low now. They are to high !!!! Shit … and I don’t even remember how to squat 🙁

Then you walk inn there and …. Wow 😮 Three white lights 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 The other lifters say your squat was great. Things are getting better.

But the signals. Even if you lift, it does not matter if you don’t wait for the judge’s orders. Ohhh my god 😱 “Anita don’t rack the bar before you hear: På plass ! ” Okey ????

The last lift of the day is the Deadlift💀 “The meet does not start before the bar is on the floor” they say. That’s when winners are made and anything can happen. But you are cool 😎You are a professional now. Just hanging out talking trash with the world champion. Waiting for your turn.

When you lift you look like a lioness all of a sudden 🦁

And at the end of a long lifting day you have started liking big hairy men with weird outfits. So you decide to eat candy and look at them😍

That’s when you know you are a power lifter😂😂😂


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