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Årets juleball lørdag 30 november.

Reebok CrossFit Bryggens Christmas Party is legendary!!!

It’s members only. Some might think it’s a little pricey, but it’s not. You will never have so much fun for 750kr. All the money gets spent on the party.

We decorate the room really nice

So it looks like this !

We have a band, a DJ, and entertainment so the crowd looks like this !

We serve traditional “Pinnekjøtt” and give out prizes. Some serious awards , and some just to have a laugh 😆

Everybody has to bring a present 🎁. It must be something you have in your home , but want to get rid off.

We have a “break even” bar with bartenders that serve you drinks 🍹 beer 🍺 wine 🍷 soda 🥤 whatever.

I’m trying to make the party as including and incredible as possible.

Luise and Eirin is competing in the Norwegian Championship of Pole Dance the week before. They will bring the show to us at the party 🎉

During the dinner we are seated randomly so nobody feels left out. ( Are you a vegan or really want to be seated with your only friend ? Come talk to me. I can fix anything 😀

Vipps me 750,- at 93002921

I’m guessing we will be 150 persons this year, but it’s expensive to gamble on so many tables, food and drinks in the dark. Please Vipps me as soon as you can.


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