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The more we are getting closer to Christmas the less people show. Lots are back home already I suppose. Still it is very pleasant, always, to come down to the pier.

Mia came to me and gave me many compliments for the blog. She is an angel 😇 and a strong athlete. Also she is working for a shop called Monkey and yesterday Sofie was imitating one. I think it’s all connected somehow. 🤔

The emulation on my previous post make me feel a bit nervous now. “All eyes on me”. A bit like this lovely girl* still dancing past midnight during our Juleball surrounded by the males-walking dead. 🧟‍♂️👸🏻🧟‍♂️

Don’t pretend now that you are sober that you weren’t there. I know you know.

(On the picture Mia working the “Hard Core” part of the wod; Elin behind looks low in sugar)

The wod today was from the CrossFit Open 14.2 that came back next year as 15.2. A good and fast workout : in 3 minutes RX you have to do 40 reps of Overhead Squat and Chest To Bar Pull Ups. If completed you have an extra 3 minutes to make 48 reps and so on.

(Magnus “yeah baby you want my picture?” style)

This wod has a particular taste for me. When I registered to the Open in 2015 I had 4 months of CrossFit behind me. Lot of stuff were still impossible for me to do so I worked out in the scale division and for this one I ended up finishing … 12th Europe! My greatest victory 😜😂

The atmosphere during this 5 weeks of competition is incredible. So much emulation in every boxes, people cheering, happy for each other’s. I highly recommend to everyone to participate and I hope we can organize the wods during some of the classes too. Might need to have advices from Thor-Håkon #DoctorCFOpen. 💪🏻

Mikus showed up for the last class. I tried my best to pretend he doesn’t exist but at some point it became awkward like when he starts to speak to me or touch things around me. The guy had something called “Ultimate Burger” just before the class. Normally in such situation you would have a heart attack during the wod but he just “felt dizzy” and beat everyone. 🍔🏋🏻‍♂️

I’m wondering what the old fucker is doing now. Probably swinging heavy KB in his parents farm with cows around thinking “the old man is crazy he forgot to milk us before shaking that tank ; ain’t no butter coming out”. 🐮🥛

*I was obviously joking, I am not mentioning anyone in particular because everybody know that all the girls in Bryggen are lovely. ❤️

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