Onsdag: Air plane mode

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I never put my phone on “air plane mode”. I don’t belive in it. Just like i dont believe in bicycling with a helmet or cruise traffic.

But I do believe in getting older. (Besides from the fact that you are closer to the end) getting old is great.

Here is a picture of Jack being young. Not so great

Many years later he asked me : “What is Finspasere? According to the dictionary is not even a word.”

Well , I’m old. I know it is a word. In English stroll. It means to walk around slowly with no plan. Just walking.

The Chinese invented it. They are the masters of strolling. That’s how they came up with the idea of making gun powder.

Mark Twain loved it. Both hands on your back.

He came up with the idea that slavery was not so great. He wrote a famous book and bought a cat.

Some people claim that what we are doing at Bryggen has no purpose. We are not going anywhere. That’s correct, and that’s the whole point.

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