Monday : Water Pump

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Cool sunny day today.

This summer is amazing and Bergen is shining.

The workout today was from CrossFit New England.

AMRAP 20 of strict pull-ups, push-ups and rowing but we could run to go outside and enjoy the ☀️

Gabriela found a nice way to help herself doing the strict pull-ups.

During that time Odd enjoyed his ☕️

Then Monica had her powerlifting class.

On the picture she is explaining her last night activity or something like that.

Didn’t figure out.

Anita and Tina were dancing during almost all the hour.

Probably part of the strength training.

Didn’t figure out neither.

Then I found a new CrossFit accessory.


Oh and by the way our new logo on our 🇫🇷 football jersey will be like :


Flere innlegg