Monday : Unbearable

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When Snorre said that we would have Unbearable this Monday, I went to check the wod and was like “Really?!”.

He said “Yes! They love it!”.

Then he came this morning to help me out for the setting up and we had the wod.

We looked at the morning classes doing all this crawling and saw how exhausting it was.

He said “You understand after this workout why monkeys decided to go walking on their feet. They probably thought : “we can’t take this shit no more!””. 😂

Today was also the last day to try again the 18.2 and many were still doing this workout on the side.

We figured it out that the 18.2A was more important than the first part.

I wasn’t very happy about it but “c’est la vie!”.

Then Henke has his Kettlebell Class at 19.

It seemed to me that he was like “what will I make them do?”. 😂

Lot of people were there tonight to attend his class.

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