Monday : Strict Press & Santa Cruz

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Snorre wants us to be strong and the Strict Press is a great movement for that.

That was our first part of the workout today.

Then Santa Cruz in Team 2 with a lot of work and rest as we like in CrossFit.

Nothing heavy and everyone was happy afterwards even though we had to run in the rain.

Hey but that’s what is written behind our Bryggen shirts right : “Forged in the rain”.

By the way we have a lot in the office 💵😜

Cool and relax atmosphere today.

Gabor had the 2 last classes and made a great warm up.

Petter had the Rowing Class which was crazy waitlisted again.

Congrats today for their PRs to :

• Kari, Karoline, Lars Olav & Dushyantan in Strict Press

• Gard in Back Squat


Flere innlegg