Monday: “Skei”

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First tings first. On Saturday we are having “Bring a Friend for Africa”

Most crossfit gyms are doing something for cancer, so off course I had to do something different 😆

I had this idea that I wanted to do something for somebody some years ago. It ended up being a school project in Banjul Gambia 🇬🇲Last year CrossFit Bryggen payed most of the rent for 2018 and I promised that we would do it this year also.

They send me lots of pictures and movies all the time , but I can’t post it all. Anyways…. We got our own school building 😀

And the children are doing burpees off course. Or is it KB with Henke warm up ?

Coolness 😎

We are making a fun day out of it with lots of stuff happening. All you have to do is book (that costs 200kr) and show up.

If you have a friend that you wanna loose , bring him/her also 😂😂😂

I’m working on the wod now. It’s a 40 min TC Team Two Hope you survive workout 💀

Today’s workout was messy and fun. Lots of preparation and difficult mathematics involved 🙈

Ove makes us remember that it’s okey to scale UP. Not just down.

Running is always fun 🚿

Toes to Bar are always difficult 😅

And the board is the board ✅

Flere innlegg