Monday : Shoulder Press and EMOM 10 Push Jerk & Double Unders

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I like Friday.

The week is behind you and you will finally relax or go out with friends. Unfortunately today is Monday and I’m eating something called “Gamalost frå Vik”. Something that looks and tastes like the rotten foot of a corpse. Still not sure if I like it.

Saturday 24/02 we will have a Bryggen gathering at the restaurant TGI Friday’s. It will be awesome. 😎

If you want to come then remember to click on “Yes I’m coming!” on the Facebook post in our group so to know how many we will be.

If you don’t have Facebook then create an account and click on “Yes I’m coming!” on the Facebook post in our group.

Also you will get Messenger so you don’t need to use this stupid Snapchat and send pictures of you naked and hope that the person who will receive them will not screenshot them before they disappear and send that to your mum. Be smart no naked pictures unless it’s to me because I don’t know your mum.

If you still don’t want to get Facebook because you have something to hide to Skatt and the NSA then ask someone who use the app to comment your name in the post. But the NSA already know we will gather so it might be smart not to come at all. Your call.

Then Olga succeed to get a table for us at Vaskeriet and a discount for those who want to keep going on and make this night LE-GEN… wait for it … DARY.

By the way Olga holds a beauty institute so if you want to make yourself pretty maybe you should go to see her before the party because as says Elisabeth :

For now more than 40 persons are attending which is great! #MakeCrossFitBryggenGreatAgain

Today was the last session of Shoulder Press and then we had a heavy EMOM 10 with Push Jerk and Double Unders.

Then Kettlebell Class where technic comes first.

Please Henke when you’re done with your experiments put the fish back in the sea.

Also at 19 we have the Rowing Class with Kristin Tuva and you’d better do the way she says. You can see on the picture that she is upset at Ina about how she rows.

She scares me.

No I’m joking!

Or not.

😂 noooo I’m kidding she’s great!

She is scary.

No seriously she’s a great trainer!

But scary.

Joking, it was a great class. 👍🏻

A bit scary though.

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