Monday: “Scotty” Hero WOD

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Hero wods are supposed to be tough, but this one was only 11 minutes 😳 … It was tough. People looked dead 💀 half way.

Deadlifts for time is a bad idea, but we do it 🙂 Even the strong professionals loose their back a little after round two.

Henke keeps explaining stuff using his fingers 😳

Monica’s lifting class is trough the roof popular now. It’s stressful for her, but my sneak picture shows she likes it 😅

In the old days most members got a “birthday wod” That’s not possible anymore with 300 members. But if you are turning 18 and really really want one 🤗

When people don’t take the cups out of the rack before Wall Balls, then Snorre and Rakan must get to work😜

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