Monday : Randy

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I haven’t been writing much.

I was too busy being happy.

Living in my bubble of perfection.


Wasn’t a very good friend neither during this period…

But it’s over and I’m back in square one.

Obviously I called my mom to cry out on my life and she had good words but I’m sure deep inside she wanted to say something like : “Lannick! (my step dad) For Christ sake, come tell something manly to Thierry! He is crying again…”.

And she keeps calling me her “kitten”. 🐱

So ridiculous.

So French.

The workout today was 100% Snatch.

This is the most difficult lifting movement we have in CrossFit.

But thanks to you, as I need to repeat it about 50 times per class, I believe I improved it by at least 20%.

Biking home I was thinking that repetitions make everything get better, like rehearsals for the comedians, hours of practice for the musicians playing the same song over and over.

But best is to teach someone, that’s how we memorize and understand it all so :

  • Show the snatch with a shovel to your grandma in the garden 👵🏻
  • Show the snatch with a ski to your cousin in the hytta 🎿
  • Show the snatch with a broom to your dad in the barn 🐴

They will probably think that you’re completely damaged in your brain but you will become better crossfiters, better human beings.

And somehow, indirectly, that French crying guy would have had a positive impact on your life.

Thanks Tina for the beer that was so awesome.


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