Monday: “Open is over, long live the open”

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The crossfit Open creates a lot of enthusiasm, frustration, stress …. and happiness !!!

Happy because there is time left on the clock ..

And you make it !

Everybody is glad for you and you feel great and everything is just …. great !

Even if you are not doing the workout, you are enthusiastic and interested in others plans and hopes

People stay late to watch others try to beat …. themselves

It’s chaos, but nobody cares. It’s all good.

Warming up and feeling stressed

But still taking time to smile and being friendly to others.

Laughingly stopping the attempt of the sneak photographer 😆

Thirty minutes later you fight for your right to Muscle Up !

And go : “Whose your daddy now ?” 😂

Even if you know that you are nobody’s daddy and that mummy will spank you if she wants to 😜

Or karate kick you 😬

Sneak filming is very popular. Sneak filming, sneak filming is even better

I would like to thank EVERYBODY for being super cool and super fun these five weeks.

E V E R Y B O D Y ❤️

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