Monday: Lethal weapon

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So this is the future. Young internet fuckers making stuff work on the internet.

“Press a button end up at a webpage or instagram or somewhere where you can see the class on the booking system and register with Facebook and join a class on Mind Body then receive an confirmation email or a picture of your mother. Who knows. It’s complicated 😱

It’s exhausting trying to explain what I want while they look at me like some retarded dinosaur.

They talk to me using baby language so I at least vaguely understand what they are asking me 😏

This might not look like the future.

The past is the future in this case. Lift heavy stuff. Go bananas on the rower. Do some pull ups and eat solid food. Oatmeal, milk, banana, raisins and bread with cheese. That’s it!

Unless they get hit by a car they will not cost the taxpayers (That’s you ) anything.

Ohhh … they will probably get children 👶 The most environmentally unfriendly thing you can do. And costly.

Here is a little reminder. You are not turtles. Reproduction to avoid extinction is counterproductive these days.

In the old days we forced all young boys to join the armed forces. As a bonus it would “make you a man”

Since it was a small chance of actually having to go to war , the women was smart. They had just gotten the right to vote and the p-pills so no complaints that only guys that got to go.

Here is another example of the future. Mathias is joining the army soon. He wants to be as physical prepared as possible. And he will be. He knows it. I know it. It’s just great seeing him turn into a bad ass.

Funny thing though. I have yet to see them come back even better. I’m sorry Mathias. You will leave “Bryggen” as an animal, but return as a vegetable.

No problem. We will fix it.

Sara is leaving us. Not for long but still. Here she goes : A lethal weapon forged in the rain ☔️ ❤️

Flere innlegg