Monday: Great day !!!!!

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Today was the first day “Bryggen” has been open since forever!!!! ❤️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

What a great start!

We are trying out what’s never been done. Succeeding and failing, I know. But still. It was a success!!! Super nice to see everybody again 😍

Sunday we made wods for every possible situation. Thank God😂

We sort of understood what was coming while failing to make the cones stand in the wind on Sunday 😱

Then Monday came. Whaaaaat? We need to pass the anti doping test and get a diploma if we want to do powerlifting????

Yes 👍🏻

But most importantly. What is crossfit? CrossFit is WOD’s and those workouts have to be done outside.

“Egentrening” is doing your own workout outside. Nobody had an idea what to do, so we did “Bryggens Workout Of the Day” over again those classes 😂

We will reorganize and fix so there are more WOD’s and at the same time make room for some “whatever training” next week.

CrossFit is “Constantly varied functional movements” and so is the gym and its members!!! That’s our strength. Really. We will make this work. No problem!!! 👻🤷🏻‍♂️😂👍🏻

Today the “egentrening” equipment was placed back quickly but timing and the weather is everything.

What really worked flawlessly was the Powerlifting Club✅😎Twelve persons inside for 90 minutes. Lots of good lifting and lots of time and space to feel 100% confortable👍🏻

Snorre’s “Fjordland” diet is working great on Jack. Soon we can’t see him 😜

The strongest woman in Norway (63kg class) giving tips to “Småsterkur”

Nobody was happier than Gard. He was so happy it’s impossible to picture how happy it’s possible to be 😃😁😆😂

Everybody kept their distance and stuck to the classic strength training moves. Only Ole had to fool the enemy with some one legged squats 😀

And some did not follow the one meter rule. I’m guessing the nurse knows best where to check for covid-19

They are a couple. Relax. It’s a joke. I think it was a bit 😆 🤷🏻‍♂️

Thanks for being awesome. Keep asking questions nobody knows the answer to. Respect me and Hilde’s rules, and stay super cool 😎

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