Monday : Front Squat & 50 Clean & Jerk w/ Toes To Bar

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We went out Saturday night with some Bryggen crossfiters.

After warming up with few drinks we had a dancing wod.

Tina was counting the no reps behind her DJ table.

Mattias loves so much CrossFit Bryggen that he decided to tattoo Mindbody on his arm.

Roland was great, Celine tried some moves mainly with her head, Dario still injured stayed in the back doing some elbow accessory work with a heavy glass, Rune was looking at the show with his eyes full of happiness (he is always happy! Such a positive person!) and Zuzana tried her best to beat me. But she couldn’t. I won the wod. AMRAP until almost 4 am. Who’s your daddy? 🍺🍺😃🍺🍺😜🍺🍺🤕

Robin joined the wod, always really cool to have the trainers to drop in. He showed us a “pretty decent” 5 reps Front Squat at … 130kg! With a 1RM at 190kg … which is heavier than … my Deadlift! #GottaWorkHarder

So we were there and I thought that it was too cool to be so rare. One Juleball a year is not enough. So let’s try to organize events from time to time : maybe a pizza night, a hike, whatever. Build a stronger Bryggen community, give ourselves more links to each other’s. I’m idealistic and naive. Will see how it goes. Won’t hurt to try anyway. ✌🏻

At the gong, every minute, everybody had to do Toes To Bar.

So first CF Bryggen “out of the box” meeting/party will be at Friday’s Saturday 24/02. I talked to Kari and she offers us -20% on the food. Of course she needs to know how many we will be this day. So SAVE THE DATE. You can write in comment on the page if you want to join!

Gabor, Johanne & Emilie who asked if they could join on the side. Elin was really strong with a heavier FS than when she started the cycle and a great time for the metcon. #Machine

Today’s wod was pretty cool and popular as a lot of persons asked me if they could join : Strength + 50 Clean & Jerk for time with 2 Toes To Bar every minute.

Then Rowing class with Tuva and Kettlebell class with Henke at 19.

On the picture Magnus who injured himself on the wrists on a heavy weightlifting catch. Remember high elbows. No joking. Now he cannot do the Clean & Jerk… any kind of jerk for 5 more weeks… #GiveMagnusAHand 🤔😝Jack in “recovery position” during the KB class. Don’t know what happened. Maybe we should have given him the aluminium cover that Snorre wants to get rid of?

The board : Mikus wasn’t the best today. #BigSurprise

Flere innlegg