Monday: “FRAN”

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“Win the 11.00 class”

This quote is taken directly from Rob Orlando at the CrossFit Strongman Specialty Course. It was a response to a query from someone who wanted to “go to the Games” and wanted special programming and resources to help her get there. Rob kindly suggested she could begin with being the best at the gym in regular classes. In other words, if you think the programming at your gym isn’t “hard” enough, maybe you need to re-learn what intensity is and bring it along to crush the 11.00 class. Maybe you’re not like 99.9% of us and are one of those 0.1% that could compete at the Games level… but the odds are slim. This is not an insult and please don’t be discouraged. In fact, be liberated. Now the pressure is off to try and do CrossFit as a sport and you can go back to just working out (hard) with your friends. It’s probably what drew you to CrossFit in the first place.

So, today we had “Fran” Its famous. Its like “The one” of WODs. When CrossFit Bryggen opened six years ago, it was almost impossible for anybody to do it under 10 min. We heard that there where “animals” in America that could do it in less than 3 minutes. Its was unbelievable. Today we all did it. Mikus and Roland did it in under 3 minutes. Celine is happy cause she did well. Actually she beat my old best score 🙁

Then we had “Row for your life” with Goebbels. And “Does life really exist” with Henrik.

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