Monday : «Dive Bar»

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12 per class is maximum. Why ? Cause Dan John said so. Dan knows. More than twelve and you start loosing oversight as a coach. I want people to learn. Feel that I see them and be safe. Today we where 20 !!! Why ? Because September is busy and Mondays especially. I’m not gonna say NO to forty members that wants to work out when the movements are: Running , Burpees and Thrusters with an empty bar. It’s impossible to fuck it up 😃 A lot of weird thrusters but that’s unimportant. You have to do a lot of bad ones before they get better. Might as well get going with an empty bar 👏🏻👏🏻

“Practice makes permanent” Yes , that’s true. Doing something wrong for a long time makes it hard to correct.

“Practice makes perfect” yes , that’s also true. In the beginning you will suck. Then you get better.

Chona have her eight year anniversary at Crossfit Bryggen tomorrow ❤️ She is really good. Why ? Because she has been doing it for eight years.

Stian, Monica , Odd , Emilie Vu, Snorre , Roland , Celine, Kari ….. many others. We have been around since the beginning. We will never be perfect, but “Perfect is the enemy of good” so let’s say we are good 😜 In 2026 we will be better.

What is CrossFit ? Nobody knows. It’s getting a great workout from a rusty bar and and a parking lot.

Since more than 100 did the workout today, I’m a little surprised that there is less than 50 names on the board. Why ?

If you write down your “score” it gives everybody a better idea of how they performed. It’s a give and take situation. Actually nobody looks at “your” score. They look at their score, and compare it to all the other numbers. You as an individual is unimportant. Pleas log your score. It gives you the pleasure of beating yourself in the future, and the community useful information. 🙏🏻

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