Monday : CrossFit HQ 180123

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Oh yes it seems that you are back.

When I arrived I saw many people waiting for the 17 class to start and the Open Gym side was packed too.

Lot of noise and energy in the room.

Soon we will go back to our normal schedule as I was asked today.

The workout today was pretty complete.

That’s why I decided we should have it.

Heavy weightlifting (hang squat clean) and a combinaison of conditioning-gymnastic (burpees muscle ups).

Squat, pull and push.

Piotr and Tomasz decided to skip the wod to do burpees-burgers and pistols-ribs in the kitchen of TGI Friday’s.

Keep on the good work guys!

At first we had to spend some time looking for a 3RM hang power clean.

Øyvind was impressive this morning and was asked what was his secret : “drinking beers 🍺”.


Then at 19 our famous Kettlebell class that was full too!


And also our Fellestrening styrketrening/styrkeløft class with Ove and Monica.

Apparently it was decided to have the longest name possible for this class 😂 #Scrabble

Many people did the workout but almost no one wrote their score down. #WTF

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