Monday: Comptrain 20170207

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All our “egnetraining gang” loves Comptrain.

It’s from Ben Bergeron who is the coach of many Games athletes.

So it’s fancy and usually have dumbbell movements (even fancier).

Personally I believe there is no golden program.

Whatever you will do, as long as you accept to work on your weaknesses (no cherry picking) so not only play on what you are good at, will make you progress.

Other don’t care and come only for the fun part and I get it too.

So that workout was a good compromise : a “named” one with movements you would have done anyway at CrossFit Bryggen.

These last days we have a lot of problems with Mindbody, if you don’t know about it, then you’re lucky.

Otherwise I’m probably going to write to you personally when the problem occurs to your account…

Hope they fix the system very soon and we are very sorry for those already affected by.

As would say Molière, probably the greatest French playwright of all time “plus grand est l’obstacle, et plus grande est la gloire de le surmonter” (the greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it). #SmashingMyHeadOnTheWallMeanwhile

Congrats to Celine, Gabor, Petter, Dushyantan, Aril, Sofie and Mats for their PRs today 👏🏻


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