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Crossfit Bryggen has for eight years done it’s own “programming” That means we create, steal , modify and puzzle together our own monthly training plan. There are lots of advantages doing this and lots of learning, but lots of work 😅

Ben Burgeron is the owner of CrossFit New England and the creator of “COMPTRAIN” He trains the “Dottir’s” 🙀

Sooooo …. We are doing his programming this month ! Just to try something new. Not because I believe it is better but to do something together. All of us 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👻

Since so many in the “comp gang” are doing this it seems to me the timing is right. This month it would make me happy if everybody took the opportunity to do the wods in the main room🙏🏻❤️

Here we have Dr Gabor doing what doctors do in one of the early classes 😂

It’s normal to search for the “Golden program” Everybody has done it 😂 I did it when I was 16-17. I wanted to do bodybuilding so I trained Arnold’s advanced program. It took for ever. 5-6 exercises for shoulders and 3-4 for the calves. I later realized that it was wayyyy to complicated. I would have gotten way better results training a basic strength program. (Like Arnold did when he started out ) 🤥

I should have joined Lier Powerlifting Club instead of training Arnold’s Advanced Bodybuilding at Trimmen in Drammen with my friend Espen for 2,5 hours every day so my grades went down the drain since there was no time for homework after the bus ride home that also took two and a half hours 🙈

Why am I mentioning this ? Cause what is the difference doing … that …when you are not Arnold and doing Comp when you are not a Dottir ? Maybe a lot of things but you get my point.

Do you think I’m talking about you ? No I’m not. I’m just pointing out that the Golden Program does not exist.

What do exist are weird tattoos 🧐

Harald got the message 😳

Not that I have any knowledge when it comes to rowing 🚣‍♀️

But I know when something is fun. This was in all its simplicity FUN !!!

The pro team trying to save time😆

The not so pro team having fun getting the job done ✅

Ohhhh … almost forgot. The Comp comes with notes. If all the trainers ( Well mostly me 🙂 Radically changes the way they normally do classes. Well it’s the notes 📝

Not that it will be possible to do all these things. We only have one hour , and you would go insane 😱

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