Monday : Beginners Luck

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We had a beginners course Saturday so we decided to have this “Beginners Luck” Workout.

Kind of telling them welcome if they were joining today.

And at 17 & 18 it was crazy full so we had some bigger class with some new faces.

New faces that will replace some known like Andrea who is leaving for London.

Andrea & I arrived almost at the same time in Bergen. So it’s a bit strange and sad for me to see her leaving but I wish to her the best in her new life to come.

Even though the wod was pretty “light” if you had put the right amount of intensity then you would have had a great work.

Mikus and Gabor took the wod in the morning and the level was really high. Both of them finished below 13 minutes! #Impressive

Then at 19 some people decided to gather and row and at some point they all yelled in the room. Probably something like one of them forgot to put a ticket in the car not to get the fine.

Also at 19 some others people decided to gather and hang and swing Kettlebell.

Meanwhile on the other side of the room some different people decided to gather and do stuff involving barbells.

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