Monday : Annie on the run

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Back at the gym after a Sunday chilling or a Sunday with a massive hangover. 😂

The workout was Annie with some run.

Fun wod that pleased many.

As we had time I decided to have a tabata for the core : hollow body rock and Superman hold.

Always good to work this for all our Kipping movements for instance.

Obviously the rain came but that’s Bergen.

We won’t complain cause the summer was amazing.

Kettlebell class at 19 with a cool atmosphere.

Here Mia showing someone in front of her to talk to her hand while she was working out.

At the same time the gym is split in two with the strength class.

Monica always gives good tips to get better and … stronger! 🦍🦏🦁

Snorre took the class.

Good to see the old man moving.

We won’t say it enough : when you get old you need to keep being active. 👴🏻❤️

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