Lørdag: Bring a friend photograph failed.

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Roland is the best bring a friend coach in the world. I really enjoyed being part of his class today. AND….. The chance of us loosing him to freelance photography is luckily around zero percent 😂

I said “I can make the blog” He said “I will send you some pictures”

It goes with the story. We had three overbooked BAF today. Probably 50-60 people all together. Lots of new faces. Just boiling.

And here is Roland’s documentation of the whole thing 😜 …..

First he took this picture;

I don’t know how he managed to make the 14 other participants disappear !!! ??? Ohhh … yes maybe like this ? 🤨

Then he refined his work. This masterpiece shows how you can make a small girl like Zuzana and a bike make the class look totally empty 😳 😂😂😂

The board 🤪

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