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Spending so much time at Bryggen, thinking Bryggen, breathing Bryggen, make me feel that I will slowly turn like Snorre.

Like complaining about the cruise boats, saying to Elisabeth “har du lagd kafeen? Nei?! Du får sparken!”, giving shit about the warm up and trying to teach any Swedish girl the difference between “kjede” & “skjede”.

Well for the last part probably not as I don’t get it myself. Sure I hear something is different but I can’t prononce it correctly. It’s like the “H” that we don’t say in French. Like “Harald” becomes “Arald”, “Hospital” becomes “Ospital”. This letter is non sense, a waste of time. Fuck the “H”. 🖕🏻

So there is few chance that I end up in a jewelry shop looking for a neckless where the shop assistant might answer to me something like:

– “du kan finne “skjeder” i natta ved siden Narvesen eller 7/11 ; de venter ut.”

– “Jésus! This is not what I meant!”.

(Karoline & June teaming up during the Plank/Burpee warm up.)

The workout today was a Hero wod called Jack. Normally we do it alone but I’ve tried it in Team with László once and it was fun. So here it was. Today we made it AMRAP 20 with 10 Push Presses 50/35, 10 American KB Swings 24/16 & 10 Box Jumps standard height.

(Jørgen & Seline during the wod in perfect synergy.)

The empty gym depresses me a bit but we had a nice surprise in the sofa section. Whoever did that deserve the Nobel Price. 🎖

At Henke’s class they like to put a lot of Kettlebells on the ground.

Henke is probably saying something like “Look! It’s all written on the board you dummies!”.

See he wears the trainer shirt. That made my day.

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