Friday: “Wes”

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Let’s say you are hangin out in South Central, playing poker at the Hustler Casino. You get a little drunk and tilt away your bankroll being a loose cannon at the 50-100 table where you don’t belong 😫

You wake up in the morning without money to pay for the hotell and a cab. But heyyyy !!! Some cop shot a black guy at the same spot as they beat Rodney King. Donald Trump utters something stupid on CNN and the whole city explodes. There’s your chance !!! With the right skills you could throw a couple of 84 kg guys around. Grab a cash register and run like a mother #####. Climb a couple of fences and get to the airport. The riots will create the distraction you need to get away with it 😬

Luckily today’s wod prepared you for this situation ❤️

Here is Mia throwing 61 kg females around. Probably children 👶 (Its America you know😜)

Mats killed the wod today !!!! No wonder with back muscles like that.

The visa application;

Flere innlegg