Friday: Take the long way home.

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The expression means something like; You end up smarter and better with lots of experience, if you have to struggle for something. If you just walk straight home the faster route every time, you miss the fun in the dark alleys. and the character miss fortune builds.

Will see ……… if waiting 6 hours for my f&&&& flight will bring any good to my life😫😫😫😫😫

The shoulder press is “The Press” Why it’s called the “shoulder”-press nobody knows. You can’t press without using your shoulders.

You can off course “leg press” but that would be fucking stupid 😂

If you are an adult male, you are considered strong if you can strict press your own body weight. Girls 70 % of BW!

Good luck with that 👍🏻

Scaling is an important part of training. Do what you can do until you can do better. If you can’t do muscle ups, do pull-ups.

And …. “Don’t use a logo, become the logo”

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