Friday: Stranger things

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Eight years ago I was beating Mikus regularly. Mikus said it was the lifting shoes. Black Nike Romaleos. I had them , he did not.

Before crossfit they sold maybe 65 pairs a year world wide. In 2012 the demand had gone up 2000% 😱

On top of that you needed an PayPal account. To make it work you needed to present your electric bill , scan your passport and a picture of your grandmother holding up today’s newspaper 😂 It was difficult to order shoes.

Today’s workout was not difficult. Old school stuff. Luckily one of the classes was an odd number. Gives me a chance to present myself as a savior, and join the workout 😂

Back to the shoes 👞. Mikus finally got them and we where doing “Fran”. Head to head with identical footwear. I could not do the 15 thruster he did it, and started on his frogging style pull-ups. I could not catch him after that. My score 5:01. His score 4 something 🤬

This Friday it’s happening again. I think he still has the same shoes 👍🏻

(I gave mine to Thea after learning that Nike sponsored nazi Germany when they invaded Poland) 😜

My pre workout bottles are loaded. I’m ready 💪🏻

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