Friday: Row and run 🏃‍♀️💨

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For some reason I’m quite popular these days. I get asked to help people with this and that all the time. Not that you’all are not constantly bugging me 😜 But you don’t give me money 😫 (Ohhhh … the membership, yes 🙂

Today Anne (56) came to prepare for the world championships In powerlifting. She started training some years ago since she had trouble with her knees being to weak. Today she worked out with 150 kg in the deadlift. Guess the knees are not a problem anymore😂

Rowing and running is a classic. Lots of happy faces 🤪

Since I’m posting the blog early , there is no board. It does not matter. If you did it as fast you could and got tired, then great !!!


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