Friday : Press & Open 11.4

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Last day of the week and the Shoulder Press becomes heavy. If you were there since the beginning of the cycle and at every session then today you tried 3 sets of 5 reps at 102,5% of your 5RM. Hot.

2 more weeks of Strength and the cycle is over.

Then we had an old CrossFit Open Workout with weights we are not used to see.

Open 11.4 AMRAP 10:

  • 60 Bar Facing Burpees
  • 30 Overhead Squat 55/41
  • 10 Rings Muscle Up

The goal for a lot of person was to get to the OHS and do as many as possible.

Some succeed to finish the 90 first reps and do either MU or Pull-Ups.

Everything is showed in this picture : Mikus starting a second round with the burpees, Cristian our Spanish visitor in the MU and Celine in the OHS. She succeed within the last 10 seconds to get 1 MU. Mikus was so fast that Beyond The Whiteboard decided to create another level of fitness over dragon which will have his name.

The Open 2018 will definitely be exciting at CF Bryggen!

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