Friday: “Pink Diamond”

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The day started with 30 high school kids trying out crossfit as part of their Physical Education. At 08.00 in the morning !!! That’s like in the middle of the night for me 😂

It’s fun and stressful at the same time. It’s like having a huge “bring a friend” without one single crossfiter in the room 😅

Since Team Pink Diamond 💎 with ultra light weights is BAF ish I made them do it. I don’t think a single one of them could have done it RX even if the time cap was : (Before midnight 🕛)

We warmed up with a 4 minute tabata. They looked pale after two 🤢

And I’m thinking that if their general conditioning are going down from age 18 well ….

This is Gunn , she is 29 and doing fine 😜

Chona is also 29. She might win “Best guns”💪🏻 at the Juleball 👻

Nobody knows how young Dush is but ……. if any of the high school kids are gonna beat him in anything …. No that will actually never happen.

Since it’s an old wod I urged everybody to scale up from the original Rx. Some did. 👍🏻

Flere innlegg