Friday : Mai 68

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Snorre is back!

He came at night to build this stupid gate to irritate me so I’ve received messages asking how upset I was about it! 🔨🚧😆

Well a little to be honest, and I think I might have smashed the air pipe taking the boxes down 😂 but I’m happy he is back!

Snorre is like a cat 🐈

He comes for food once in a while, check out what’s happening in his hood, plays a bit and destroy something, then leaves for some outside adventures and we don’t see him for a while.

A real cat 🐱

And I’m a cat person, even though I know they are little bastards, I love them.

So I love Snorre ❤️

Today’s wod was a re-do : AMRAP of Front Squat, heavy Russian KB Swings and Chest To Bar.

Can’t go wrong there.

Good sweat and go home.

After the last class many persons were practicing the handstand walk probably because Per has revealed his first WOM and this movement is part of it.

Well it’s so much fun anyway!

Falling, trying again, walking one more meter, falling, finding the balance, falling again, being happy, being frustrated… #LifeTeaching

There is so much cool stuff to learn, practice and get better at in the gym.

We can’t ever get bored.


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