Friday: “Helen”

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This is one of my all time favorites. Even if I’m not a big fan of American swings. I know Annie Thorsdottirs old trainer Jami Tikkanen likes it to , so I can’t be an complete idiot 😜 (Well, yes I can but anyways…)

As you all can see me and Annie have been friends for a long time. We discuss squats and relationships all the time. Almost best friends 👻

Even if the wod seams easy to most of us, a “normal person” could never do it. 80 % of Norwegian girls cant do one pull up. Most boys can, but not 36 so …..

The general population is weak. Half of us end up at an elderly home not because we are kokko in the head, but no longer strong enough to take care of our selves. Thats fucked up. Even so long slow distance and ball games are the big winners when it comes to “training” in this country.

Your speed during the running decides how good your score is gonna be on this wod, but I would focus my attention on the pull ups and the swings. Any random vegetarian can run 400 meters 😂

After the wod we did 250 for time on the rowers. It makes people look …….not so smart 🤪

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