Friday: “Havana”

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Really cool workout today. Heavy as hell. I think many went to heavy. I suck big time at double unders but made 2 rounds girls Rx. So the supercrossfitters should do 3-4. Or maybe they forgot to drink the whole milk 😂😂😂

I’m aware of the fact that many people around the world lacks the enzyme to digest milk. But please don’t use the argument; “You don’t need the milk” 🥛 So ehhhhh … Tell me what you need then. Do you need apples 🍎? NO ! Do you need fish 🐠? NO ! Do you need chicken 🍗 ? NO ! Do you need broccoli????

If you are only gonna eat food “you need” Well , there is gonna be very few things you absolutely need. Whole milk and heavy lifting makes you strong. Shut up and drink the milk 🥛 😎

My friend Geir did a light “Bring a friend” with me 3 days ago. He still can’t sit down normally 😜

Me and Elizabeth super cleaned the barbell room , and carried EVERYTHING into the wod room. At 16.00 the room was empty !!!! This is a picture taken 4 hours later 🙈

Ove came down with his son. They did some strong-man stuff together😀 Henke said ; “You have the strongest dad in the world” He replied: “No uncle Per says he is stronger” 😂😂😂😂😂

The board ;

Flere innlegg