Friday: Fuck, I’m single again!

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Most things at Bryggen are great. Its fun working there. Sometimes it does not feel like work at all. We are just hanging out with you all.

So why is it that Roland quit ? Is he crazy in the head ? Is Snorre a horrible boss ? (Maybe I am a bit strange, but not horrible:)

I can’t answer for Roland, but I can tell you the two top things that all trainers at Bryggen agrees upon will “brake them”

Number one : It takes over your life. The first thing you think about in the morning, is Bryggen. The last thing you check before you go to bed, is the booking at Bryggen. ( a couple of hours before that, you pissed your girlfriend off by making the blog, instead of watching the movie)

Soo … we have to make some adjustments, cause I don’t want to become single again, or find my self standing next to Roland, rolling fish.

Today is Friday. Lets say I’m having the last class. I clean up some mess real quick, take a picture of the board, and get the hell out of there. I make the blog in the car, knowing that you will think it is boring, and that Elisabeth will complain. But I have promised to eat at an indian restaurant with Sara, so I have get home, and hit the shower faster than the lightning, and not piss her off by playing with my phone again.

One hour later we are there, waiting for our food, and then it starts : “Hello its Adolf. Could you book my friend at “Bring a friend” tomorrow ? “Hello its Maria Magdalena, can you book Josef for the comp class tomorrow?

Yes , off course I can. Its just that if i don’t put my phone away soon, ill end up eating alone.

I know that our members take the buss, train, plain, buy t-shirts online and do all these things that demands you to download an app, and register the credit card. So i know you are familiar with that stuff.

I also know that Bryggen has a website, an app, and a booking system, that takes care of everything you need.

Please understand that we love you, but we also have a life outside the box.

From now on, we will not book anybody for Bring a friend anymore. Its only 100 kr, and I only have one girlfriend.

Are you wondering what number two is on the list ?

Making noise when we are explaining the wod ! It drives us crazy.

Remember to mail us student ID by the end of the month

Not on messenger, but

Flere innlegg