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In introduction of my classes I said : “you see these strong girls & guys lifting heavy and making noice on the other side of the room every day? They are doing Comptrain and so are we today!”.

“Everybody got to be “comp people” today 😂” Snorre

27-21-15-9 of Calories Row & Kettlebell Swings US & Overhead Squats.

The last movement is one of the most challenging in our sport.

And a good start is just practicing to keep the broom stick on our open hands without it falls.

Seems easy but it’s not.

We were supposed to get the new door today and guess what … they didn’t do it.

So maybe it’s the same here than in my country : you sign a contract with a construction company for a 2 weeks job and XXX€ and finally they work for 6 and you have to add a 0 and the end of the previous check.

Well the garage entrance is still working so take your chance walking this way as long as they actually block it. #SwearingInFrenchInMyMind

Snorre impressed me this week by his motivation on several projects.

We talk a lot on how to make our gym better and fortunately good things will come … like this f***ing door.

Anyway love when things move.

We had also very good feedback from our two American visitors Glenn and Cameron about Bryggen (both on the picture).

And also French military sailors came to get some informations for a drop in tomorrow.

One came and asked to someone behind me “heu doo yoo speak French?” #SoTypicalUs

They are in this huge stuff that doesn’t sink 😬

Told me that this boat opens by behind, gets water in and then others boats with military cars/tanks inside go for landing!

700 people in it!

Impressive and noisy as hell.

Ole smashed the wod today in 11:22.

Not there for joking like Jokkis who chalk and tape everything everywhere according to Stian 😂

The board :

Today’s focus is on Jørn, that quiet and smiling member that you must have seen training with Mikus in Open Gym or do rehabilitation/strength on his own.

When I asked him about writing something about him he said “me? why? when?” and told me that he wasn’t very good at being interviewed 😂

Jørn has been with us for about 3 years now and comes about 4-5 times per week.

One year ago he got injured in the back and says that the pain gets on and off.

Still he likes to join the classes once in a while when he can work with the movements on the board.

Why do you do CrossFit?

I want to get strong and it’s fun.

It’s also very challenging.

How did you hear about our sport?

By Mikus and all my other coworkers.

We are about 10 persons out of maybe 30-35 in the team to train here so it’s great.

What’s your background in sport?

I haven’t been doing sport before… I mean when I was a teenager I was doing martial arts but I guess I lost interest in it.

But I haven’t been lifting weights before I came to Bryggen.

What do you like the more here?

I like workouts with challenging weights even though I’m probably the worst at it!

Any favorite movement?

Humm maybe box jumps because I can catch up people there.

And the worst movement?

I’m very bad at heavy lift, deadlift, heavy snatch…

And assault bike is terrible!

So is it Mikus who decide for your workouts?

(he laughs) Mikus is the boss!

But because of my back, I’ve been doing lot of bench, lunges, split squats.

What can we wish you?

To get a strong and healthy lower back.

And how to get this?

I guess by having a flawless technique.

What would you say about our gym?

It’s a lot of nice people here and motivated coaches.

And there is a lot happening like the WOM, all the different classes : rowing, kettlebell, etc…

There is always something for everyone and the coaches try to make room for everyone to join.

Everyone fits in the gym and there is always someone there to ask and join for a workout.


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