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Team 2 today with some unusual movements in a surprise mode.

Coach Sofie came with the idea that each team would pick a ball with a number and do the movement it represent when they reach surprise.

That was brilliant.

Even though the weather gets chilly it is really enjoyable to be outside in the sun.

Sun in Bergen.

Like 7 days a year 😝

I always tell the same joke to our visitors when I take them around:

A guys comes to visit Bergen and after few days of constant rain, upset, he sees a kid in the street and asks him:

– Hey son, does it ever stop raining in Bergen?

– I don’t know I’m only 6.

So how was the surprise?

Look at them.

Look at our place.

Is it possible not loving being at Bryggen?

Wanna try us out?

We still have the prøvemåned/trial month but beware it’s a trap you won’t be able to come back to a regular global gym after us. 🏋🏼‍♀️🤸‍♀️

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